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  1. So long, little nipper!
  2. OMFG SPLIF YOU TEH H4X!!11one
  3. Even MORE nefarious hackers in our midst!
  4. She lives!
  5. CS Central Map Pack Numero Dos
  6. Congrats to phageL!
  7. Rumors about: CS 1.6 Today
  8. Dexworld presents: a Kyousha[WAA] production
  9. DOD IP Changed!!
  10. Rumors continue to stir...
  11. cs_dexxon: The First OFFICIAL Dexworld Map
  12. Servers Updated with Cheating-Death 3.2
  13. Absences..
  14. Some interesting reading this week
  15. need an r6?
  16. A lesson in the importance of insurance.
  17. Spectacular Attacks
  18. BG Mod Released
  19. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Jack!
  20. ok then
  21. He, Cringely | The Pulpit
  22. The time is near!!
  23. This one time at band camp, chef stuck a... (Server Update)
  24. She lives again
  25. CS Stats are up
  26. on this day in history a Bastard was born.
  27. Announcing the Dexworld Fantasy Football League
  28. {DEAD} LAN 2K3!!11
  29. Some game updates
  30. How about a server...
  31. Please welcome our new admins
  32. So who's up for a flight?
  33. They're still giants
  34. 1942 up well kinda
  35. DEAD LAN 2003...
  36. ventrilo up
  37. Spread the love.
  38. Hi there
  39. Java chatty McClient thingy
  40. "Steam Beta Ends, Full Version Ships Next Week
  41. Release (aka Steam)
  42. The choice is yours.. Choose wisely!!!
  43. HLDSUpdateTool.exe Download For Server Admins
  44. So you think have all the pimpin’ gear, eh?
  45. Server rules.
  46. Don't let these dewds steal all the honeys....
  47. Welcome back our little friend...
  51. desert combat down forgotten hope up
  52. Only hours remaining!!!!!
  53. Rosters are freakin locked, yo.
  54. Obviously I havn't been clear enough
  55. The tourny
  56. Games running
  57. It was a normal Tuesday evening...
  58. New IPs for Dexworld
  59. Holy crap, a post! Project Timeless test server running
  60. New radio Hitch-Hiker's
  61. Global Warfare test server up
  62. Fixes for DOD 1.1 missing .WADs
  63. Call to Arms (er, fingers)!
  64. DMC Server up
  65. Gobble, Gobble
  66. Radeon 9800 Non-Pro $199 @ Circuit City Stores
  67. Ultimate Baseball Online Beta
  68. Important: for those playing DC tonight!
  69. ns 2.10 up again
  71. Sven Co-Op v3.0
  72. Winter-themed CS Map Pack
  73. Hostile Intent
  75. Info gathering needed on possible sweatshirts.
  76. Help bulletman.
  77. Knights of the Round Table...
  78. Tonight's Steam/CS update tomorrow
  79. Pirates, Vikings and Knights! ... Oh, shit?
  80. International Online Soccer server up!
  81. More mod tomfoolery: The Specialists
  82. Updated ts_trinityhelp!
  83. OMG! Digital Paintball!!
  84. More info gathering :Possible dexlan2k4 FO EVA!!
  85. Server will go ns3
  86. CS Map Rotation
  87. hehe
  88. Virus Warning!!
  91. More Fact Finding Info: Possible Ads.
  92. Avoid http://www.wgutv.com/ and its ilk
  93. Dexworld CS Server sounds updated
  94. Forums locked for a bit
  95. ut2k4
  97. So you want to spend some $$$$ eh?
  98. It's that time again
  99. Looks like it's working
  100. OLD!!!! OLD!!!! OLD!!!!
  101. Just a Reminder
  102. Far Cry has gone gold.
  103. Doom3 Interview
  104. Kodak no like Sony
  105. Flaw in MSN Messenger!
  106. MMMmmmm 400 GB Hard Drives.
  107. You Gotta Fight.. For Your Right......Or Something Like That
  108. And you thought your Battlebot was king of the hill, eh??
  109. Unreal Tournament 2004 Screen Shots O' Plenty
  110. Battlefield Vietnam Reads
  111. Max Payne 3 you say??
  112. New Catlalyst Drivers Are Up
  113. Be there or be really, really mad you missed out...yeah
  114. Yet another MS FLaw....
  115. Steam Updateness...
  116. Dexworld NCAA Picks
  117. Gangland Multiplyer Demo Releases... BANG!!! BANG!!!!
  118. UP!! DOWN!! UP!! DOWN!! ..But this one wont teach ya karate.
  119. As if the alien messages floating around were not enough
  120. May the Shwartz Be With You......
  121. Condition Zero.. Who? What?
  122. And you thought you had enough First Person Shooters.
  123. server is not broken...
  124. UT 2004 Dedicated Server es released.
  125. Call of Duty Patch soon.
  126. BF: Vietnam Windows sever available.
  127. Splinter Cell: Pandora ... Gold Mannana
  128. Zalman 5.1 Surround Ultimate Gaming Headphones
  129. LCD Goodnessess
  131. Oh Oh Oh.... Battlefield Vietnam server es up!
  132. News you say???
  133. Gabe Newell: "I was a teenage robot" Film at 11
  134. XBox prices droping??
  135. Having trouble finding the latest Leia doll???
  136. Just what we all need.. another MMORPG!!
  137. This one reminded me of this girl in Kansas City.
  138. And you thought the Aussies were upside down folk...
  139. They are watching you
  140. Good stuff for all you Half-Life mappers.
  141. Even Video-Games cant beat the cheap labor.
  142. UT2004 Review for those still not sure
  143. The deep, dark secrets of an ATI manager.
  144. Warcraft 3 server up
  145. RIAA website no workie
  146. Condition Zero Available.
  147. Let the witch hunt continue.
  148. City of Heros Preview
  149. Almost forgot about this one: GDC Tomorrow
  150. Looking for a portable audio player?
  151. Just text it
  152. News News News
  153. You use your hands? That's a baby game!
  154. Just another example that some criminals are just DUM
  155. Free Xbox Live with Splinter Cell Pandora
  156. LCD Comparison: 17" & 19" Under 20ms
  157. In the "Why dont they do something" category
  158. Softimage XSI EXP Now Available
  159. Painkiller Mutliplayer Screenies
  160. GDC Winners
  161. Microsoft screenies and vids.
  162. Tek Panel 300
  163. Hitman:Contracts Preview
  164. Half-Life 2 Source Engine Demo
  165. More Half-Life 2 Goodness
  166. Looking for a cell phone provider?
  167. A quick review roundup
  168. Maybe this time I won't close the wrong window.....
  169. Is Steam progressing?
  170. Infinium Sues HardOCP
  171. PolyGFX CaseSkin
  172. How low can you go??
  173. Painkiller done gone gold.
  174. Sharing your Nsync music might land you in prison.
  175. Barrrrrrrfff
  176. thought I would share this....
  177. hehehe
  178. Linked for her pleasure
  179. Steam Maintenance Release
  180. Greasy grimy newsy bits
  182. Antec: "There can be only one!!"
  183. HL Rally up and running
  184. Mid-day News Bits hold the Mayo
  185. Beta 4 NS
  186. Worst Lunch Ever!!
  187. DEXLAN2K4 Registration Open
  188. Attendee list updated
  189. Desert Crisis v1.5 is up
  190. Specialist up, DC down!
  191. Natural Selection Server Update
  192. Lan Attendees
  193. CSDM Running
  194. Post-coffee news bits
  195. Wow wow wikka wow wow wikka wikka wikka
  196. WOWZERZ!!
  197. Titillating Tails of Testicular Temerity
  198. Corpulent Cathy Cracked the Creaking Chrysanthemum
  199. DoD 1.2 Tonight!
  200. Server Update: DOD 1.2 Installed
  201. Ali Akbar's alliterative apples
  202. New Bill Proposes Tech Training Tax Credit
  203. CS Server Down for a bit
  204. Friggin Fridays Are Fun For Fornicating
  205. DEXLAN2K4 Update
  206. Gary's Ingratiating Gait Galled Gawkers
  207. Violent and funky news
  208. Arrest made in Half-Life 2 Source Code Theft
  209. Yes, More Incentive To Attend Dexlan2K4
  210. Late afternoon gassy news bits
  211. Lan party tournament ideas
  212. Important info for Lan attendees!
  213. Butter reporting from DexLan2K4
  214. i was so tired, my nipples fell asleep.
  215. Only through Dexworld....
  216. Hooray Hooray Hooray for Canada Day!
  217. yeah!
  218. A man, a plan, a canal, Panama
  219. Counter Strike: Source Beta
  220. new dod...from the steam site
  221. And now for something completely different..
  222. It's *insert gift giving holiday of choice* in July!
  223. It's that time of the month!
  224. Vote in 2004
  225. Forum cleanup
  226. We Have A Winner!!
  227. I am chef's gurgling belly
  228. Bamf is so annoying, I had to post this
  229. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!
  230. Well now, that is interesting..... :)
  231. Steam Maintenance Tonight
  232. CntrlFrek is a Dad! I'm an Uncle! Future member of DexWorld!
  233. DOD Admin Match Comin Up!
  234. Web Chat Updated
  235. Half-Life 2 Steam Pre-loading 8/17
  236. well its kind of like being able to play hl2 sorta..
  237. CS:S Server at Dexworld
  238. New IP Address for CS
  239. hehe yeah...there has to be a roll of duct tape somewhere...
  240. DOD Match Information
  241. Server updates
  242. Half-Life 2 Pre-Loading Begins
  243. DOD Server Down for Repairs.
  244. Server Repair Complete With New IP
  245. Parapalegic Night on Counter-Strike.
  246. UPDATED: More Day of Defeat Repairs.
  247. Stats upgraded, purged; whores lament
  248. NS beta 5 is out
  249. Unreal 2004
  250. Star Wars: Battlefront Server Up and Running.