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Our Privacy Policy

Outlined below is our privacy policy. If you have comments or concerns about it, please let Butterpants know!

Personal Information

Dexworld collects information in aggregate form primarily to assess usage trends, but also for promotions and advertisements. Examples of this data are browser types, operating systems, referring links, click paths and ISPs.

Information gathered from our donors is limited to what is provided by PayPal. We maintain a record of the donor's email, game name, donation date and amount solely for record keeping and public reporting purposes. This information is not used for solicitation.

To register for the forums it is required that a user volunteer his email address and provide a screen name. The email address is used by administrators to send out information pertaining to the forums, and is used for password retrieval and account activation. Only people aged 14 and over are permitted to register in our forums.

There is no selling or renting of what little personal information is maintained at Dexworld.

In the event that we collect personal information such as real name or addresses for contests, this information will be kept strictly confidential between the person submitting it and the administrator receiving it. Information will not be used outside the scope of the contest.

The Know Your Enemies section of our web site is completely voluntary and may contain false information. Users are not required to participate. Those participating must be aware that this is a public section of the web site and access can not be restricted.


Cookies may be used on this site for both our advertisements and our forums. In the forums it provides a means to identify the user. Advertisers may use this information to track from where a visitor came and to credit the proper affiliate (i.e., they have to know that you came from Dexworld in order for Dexworld to receive a commission).

This privacy policy is subject to change due to the growth of Dexworld and / or requirements of our advertisers. In the event of a dramatic shift in policy, the updated policy will be posted in conspicuous locations throughout the web site.