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Obviously a lot has happened and we have seen quite a few of our admin team members leave. I was sad to see people go, but the good news is that even though they are not in the trenches with us we still remember the good times we had and what their presence here brought to our community. Many of us remain close to those individuals and I know we will game together again here on DexWorld and on other servers. I have been given the riegns as the acting leader of DexWorld, but I couldn't do anything without the admins that remain and you the players. We are still dedicated to bringing this same vibe back to our community. We want to bring back the fun times and to get the game servers running again with the same atmosphere that has tied us to this little part of the Internet. We haven't given up yet on DOD and we believe we can accomplish that task. The exciting news is that we now have a CS Go server at or There should also be a link within the main forums page. Me and the other admins cannot wait to see who will be joining our server. We expect to see old faces but we fully expect to see a newer generation of players.We're still configuring things for the server and website, but everything we do will be to have a fun environment for all past, present and future DexWorld people to enjoy.

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  • Wed, 7 October 2015 - 5:56 PM CDT